lørdag 17. april 2010

Revealing my penis envy

I recieved a compelling offer today in my inbox: "Enjoy a prolonged but controllable rock-solid erection for up to 72 hours". Who, I repeat WHO would enjoy that? Could anything lead to more discomfort and misery for all involved parts? (Well, I guess blending in more drugs probably could add to the misery, unless they are sleep inducing drugs.) And by ”controllable”, do they mean you have the possibility of bending your rock-solid erection down and strapping it between your legs to hide it so you can avoid getting socially stigmatized? Because you’ll probably still look like you shat your pants, which is also kind of frowned upon.
While speaking of misery: What’s worse than a stupid, ugly jerk? Correct, that would be a stupid, ugly jerk with a 72 hour erection.

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